Athletics Manager admin permissions

In this article, we’ll describe the process for granting admin permissions within Athletics Manager.

In Admin Users, permissions can be granted for the entire module by selecting “Athletics Manager (Admin)” or they can be assigned granularly by selecting “Athletics Manager.” The following steps are not necessary when “Athletics Manager (Admin)” is selected.

Within Athletics Manager, permissions are assigned by team. Go to the team you want to assign rights to and select the “Team Rights” button on the left. 

There are two tables, one for individual users and one for groups. If you want to assign rights for the team to a group, use the green “Add Group Access” button. A dropdown will populate with all groups that have “Athletics Manager” but not “Athletics Manager (admin)” rights in Admin Users. If you choose “Add User Access,” you can filter by such groups, then choose a user from that group.

Below that, you can choose the level of rights.

  • Team Administrator: Users with this access have rights to edit information on all of the tabs in Athletics Manager for the team (except for the Rights tab). They can update the roster, create events, edit coaching staff details, etc.

  • Event Publisher: These users have full access to the team's Events tab only. They can update and edit any information related to any scheduled team events, add new events, edit existing events, and edit and publish scores.

  • Results Publisher: These users have limited access to the team's Events tab. They can edit the "Result" (win/loss), "Score," and "Recap" data for each scheduled team event, which is published to the live site as soon as it is saved.

  • Results Editor: These users have the same level of access as the Results Publisher, but when the event information is saved, the information is NOT published to the live site. Instead, someone with publishing rights will need to log into Athletics Manager and publish the saved results.

In the Users table, you can also specify who receives emails about results for the team being posted, if they have publication rights. Click on the X under “Results Email” to turn it into a checkmark and enable email notifications.

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