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Navigate to your pages

At the top of your Pages panel, you’ll find your domain, your organization’s site. You may have more than one domain, if you have more than one website to manage in Composer. 

Underneath the domain are your site’s main content pages in a “tree” structure. Hover next to a page under which you would like to create a new Composer page. Click on the three-dot menu to activate the Action Menu and select New Page.

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Name your new page

Give your page a name, and select the Hide from navigation elements checkbox if you want to keep it from appearing in any menus. Then click Save.


Enter Compose mode

Find the Compose toggle in the bottom left corner of your editing panel and toggle it from Preview mode into Compose mode so that you can start making edits on your page.

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Add elements to your page

Once saved, you are ready to add elements to your page by clicking on the Add Element button that appears when hovering at the bottom of any element on your page which opens up The Element Library. Refer to our article, "Understanding elements" to help you get started. 

add element button.png

Preview your page in multiple ways

Once you've made your edits, here are some ways you can preview your page:

  1. Toggle the Compose button back to Preview Mode 

    Then, you can see what your page will look like once it's live. You can even adjust condense and close your page tree navigation panel by clicking on the small arrow nearby to be able to see your newly designed page full width. 
    Expand Nav.png
  2. Click the eyeball icon to preview the desktop view

    You can view the published version of your page in a new tab. 
    eyeball takes you to live view.png
  3. Preview the mobile icon to preview the mobile view on different screen sizes

    Remember that more than 55% of your website traffic viewing your page on a mobile device! Click the small mobile icon in the bottom right corner to view each of your pages as it will stack up on different screen sizes.
    view page on different screen sizes.gif
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