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After displaying and sharing your forms, it's helpful to know that you and your team have a streamlined and easy way to manage the results you receive in your forms. This article will show you how to collect and manage the results that come in from your community via forms. 

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Confirm permission level

While it's true that anyone with an email address can be set to receive notifications, in order to assist with the task of collecting and managing form results, a person needs to be an admin user and be granted the following permission levels by the main site admin: 

  • Global Level: In order to view submissions and manage results, a person must be an admin user with at least View or Admin Global Level permissions to the Forms module.
  • Folder Level: more granular permissions can be set to limit an admin user to specific, designated folders by setting Folder Level permissions. Many districts will set View for the Global Level and then grant Folder Level access. However, there is an important distinction to understand with regard to viewing submissions: 
    • View, Edit, & Delete (All Forms) provides the ability to receive and click the link in form notification emails to be able to view submissions and open up file attachment links. 
    • View, Edit & Delete (Own Forms Only) is a bit more limited than "All Forms" because it limits the admin user to only view submissions and click the file attachment links on forms they created. 

Learn more about the Forms module breakdown of permissions in the article, "Forms permissions." 

Find form submissions

After your form is active, results from the form will be available on the Submissions tab of the form. Each field in the form will be shown as a column header in the submissions table. 

form submission window.png

When your form has at least one submission, you can also jump directly to the form submission using the bar chart icon.

form reporting tab.png

To limit the number of form submissions allowed, check out our article,  "Limit total form submissions."

Important Note

By default, the header will be the field’s Label. To change this, go to the Advanced Settings section of the field’s settings and add text to the Results Label field.

advanced settings results label.png

Sort and analyze form data

There are lots of actions you can choose within the Submissions tab:

  • Sort the table by a field by clicking on a header.
  • Filter the results with the funnel icon.
    • Choose one or more of the options given in the field from the first dropdown, then select Apply to show only those results.

      sort and filter submissions.gif

  • Click on a row to see the full form results.
    submission details for one recipient.png

Manage form results

Here are some ways you can manage the results you get from recipients: 

  • Delete results by clicking on the trashcan icon to the right of the row.
    • Instead of deleting all submissions one by one when reusing a form, Clone a form to start fresh with no submissions.
  • Export submissions as a .CSV file by clicking the Export button.

export form submissions.png

The process will start automatically, and you will be notified by email when it is completed.

Click the Get Your File button link in the email to download your file. This link will be valid for 24 hours.

get your file button.png

Pop-up blockers

Manually download your file by selecting Click Here. Pop-up or ad blockers may prevent your file from downloading automatically from the emailed link. You may have to click "Always allow..." to allow the file to be downloaded. 

click here.png 

  pop-ups blocked.png


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