Forms permissions

Forms permissions can be granted to anyone in an admin group that has “Composer” permissions in Admin Users. Permissions are granted on a module level or folder level. 

Note: You must be an admin user to access Forms.

Module permissions

To access Forms module permissions, click the gear icon in the top-right corner. For each admin group, select “Not allowed,” “View,” or “Admin.”


Admin” users will have full access to all forms in the module.

View” means that users can be assigned rights to specific folders.

Not allowed” users will not have access to the Forms module from the left-hand navigation.

Folder permissions

To set permissions for a folder, hover over that folder to access the three-dot More Actions Menu and select “Settings.” Go to the Permissions tab to add users or groups and grant access. (Permissions can be set on all folders, except the "Uncategorized" folder.)

Note: If overall Forms permissions are set to “Admin” for the group, users will automatically have permissions for all folders. Set permissions to “View” to utilize the folder permissions settings.

After you have selected the user or group, choose their level of access:

  • View, Edit & Delete (Own Forms Only): These users can see and make changes on forms that they have created, as well as create new forms in the folder.
  • View, Edit & Delete (All Forms): These users can see and make changes to all forms and create new forms.
  • Admin: Admin-level users can see and edit all forms, as well as change the folder settings.


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