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With Social Media Connections, you can easily share communication to Twitter and Facebook as soon as you create them in either the Posts or the Messages XR module, streamlining your multi-channel communications strategy. Before sharing, first you’ll set up your accounts in the Social Media Connections module.

Important Note

Admin users will only see the social media accounts they were granted access to in Social Media Connections admin permissions. If an account is not populated, check to see that permission has been granted to the correct admin users or admin user groups.

Access Social Media Connections from the Modules menu in the left-hand navigation.

social media connections.png

Click Create Account, then select whether you want to add a Facebook or X (Twitter) account.

connect a social media account window.png

Connect X (Twitter) accounts

To connect an X (Twitter) account, log into an authorized account from the popup window. 

Login form for Twitter

If prompted, enter the confirmation code that was emailed to you, then authorize the app. 

The X (Twitter) account will appear in the module window. Click on the gear icon to set up permissions for users to share to that account.

Connect Facebook accounts

To authorize a Facebook account for Social Media Connections, you must first log in via the popup, using a personal account that has permission to post on the page(s) you want to connect. 

Once logged in, select the checkboxes next to any pages that you want to connect and click Next

Facebook screen with checkboxes to select pages

Confirm that you will allow Finalsite Connector to: 

  • show a list of the Pages you manage.

  • read content posted on the Page.

  • create and manage content on your Page.

You have the option to turn off any of these permissions, but it may prevent posts from sharing correctly. Once completed, return to the Social Media Connections module and confirm again which pages you intend to authorize.

An account for each page you authorize will then appear in the module window. Click on the gear icon next to each page to set up permissions for users to share to that page.

Be sure to double-check your connections before you add them! If you add a connection by mistake and need to have it removed, please contact our Support team.

Share to social media

Messages Module: While sending out communication in the Messages module, share your message to X (Twitter) and Facebook at the same time!

Posts Module: Now you are ready to push your posts to social media! Read more about how this works in the article, "Share posts to Twitter ("X") or Facebook."


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