Social Media Connections admin permissions

In this article, we’ll describe the process for granting admin permissions within Social Media Connections where you can grant:

  • Global level permissions for admin groups to set up initial account connections.
  • Social Media account level permissions so admin users can share posts and messages to connected social media accounts.
  • Messages XR and Posts module user access to share posts on Twitter or Facebook, even on an account-by-account basis.
Global Level Social Media Level Messages XR and Posts Level

Global Level permissions

Click on the gear icon in the top-right corner of the Social Media Connections module to access the Social Media Settings menu. Any admin groups with Composer permissions in Admin Users will appear in the Groups column.

social media settings.png

There are three permission levels:

  • Not Allowed means admin users cannot see the Social Media Connections module in the Composer navigation menu, but they can have permissions assigned on the Account Level (add link) in order to share posts and messages.

  • Publish level allows admin users to share to all available pages from the Posts and Messages XR modules, but they cannot see the Social Media Connections module in the navigation menu.

  • Admin level allows for the sharing of posts or messages to all available pages from Posts. This level allows the fullest access to the Social Media Connections module, the ability add new accounts, and configure all social media accounts.

Important Note

By default, Site Administrator admin groups will have Admin access to Social Media Connections.

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