Finalsite Store tour and review

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, you’ve just received admin credentials for your new Finalsite Store. (Or you clicked the link in the previous article and you’re studying up for when the time comes.) Now it’s time to take a look around and see all the features your store has to offer.


When you first log in, you’ll land on the dashboard.

Sample store dashboard showing Greetings headline, multiple boxes and left-hand navigation menu

Just like other Finalsite dashboards, it has some stats about your store and quick access to common tasks, such as adding a new product and creating a discount coupon. As you start to make sales, you’ll see reminders on your “to-do list” about fulfilling those orders.

First, click on the link on the left side that opens your storefront in a new browser tab.

Customer view

Welcome to your store! Before you know it, customers will be coming here to browse your product offerings and make their selections. Take a look around now, and make sure you’re familiar with what their experience will be like.

Sample store homepage showing multiple categories with images of Finalsite-branded products

You’ll see all your categories displayed as image buttons on the front page. Any products that didn’t have a category listed in the datasheet will be shown here under “Featured Products.”

Click through all your products, including the variations, and make sure everything is showing up the way it’s supposed to. Try adding a product or two to the cart, and see what the shopping cart page looks like. You may even want to complete the checkout process and create a test sale in the system.

When you’re satisfied with your tour of the store (and you’ve made a note of anything you want to discuss with your Store setup specialist), go back to the admin page and start exploring the left-hand navigation.

My Sales

You won’t see much under My Sales -- yet! -- but you’ll spend most of your time here once your store is live.

Sample store Orders page showing one completed and one canceled order

In this section, you’ll be able to view and update your orders, manage the information you have about all of your customers, edit orders, and even create a new order on a customer’s behalf.

Your Store setup specialist may have created a test order for you, or you can complete one yourself (and practice giving refunds, if necessary). For more information about order processing and fulfillment, refer to Process Finalsite Store orders.


The Catalog section contains all the information about your products and categories.

Sample store Products page showing three product rows and Add New Product button

The Products list will match what you saw on the storefront. Click into a product to view and edit its full details, and check out the tabs at the top of the page to see all of the features available. Many of them weren’t possible to implement via upload, such as adding a ribbon or putting images and rich text in the product description, but you can update them here.

This would be a good time to pull out the list you made during your storefront tour and see if you can fix any of those issues or answer your own questions. 

If you need to make a large number of changes, some of the most frequently used fields may be edited using the Bulk Product Editor. Go to “Bulk Update All” or Mass Update > Edit All to see a condensed, editable view of your product list. 

You can add, edit, and delete categories on the Categories page, as well as drag and drop to change the order of the categories or the products within each category. You may also want to add a description to the store’s front page.

Finally, the Catalog section is where you’ll go to create and manage gift cards. For full details about this process, check out Add gift cards to Finalsite Store.


In the last section of the left navigation, you can create and manage discount coupons for your store.

Sample store Discount Coupons page showing info for three coupons and Add New Coupon button

Click on “Add New Coupon” to make a new code for free shipping and/or product discounts, then click on the links in the sentence below to customize the start and end date, as well as what kind of customer it applies to, which products or categories are applicable, and how often it can be used. Find out more in our article Offer store discounts with coupons.

Final steps

Your store is almost ready to launch! Review any outstanding questions or issues with your Store setup specialist, after which they will close out the setup ticket. You can always submit a new ticket to the Support team, or refer to the Ongoing management section of the Knowledge Base for detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips.

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