Set up an exception calendar

Exception calendars are a way to display holidays and other occasions when the school will be closed, as well as to instruct other calendars not to schedule recurring events on those days.

To create an exception calendar, create a new calendar in Calendar Manager and choose the Calendar Type “Exception.”


Create all-day events for days on which other events should not be scheduled, such as spring break or teacher work days. These will display as normal if you show the calendar on a page.


Going forward, when you schedule an event that repeats, you’ll see the exception calendar as an option to “Avoid Dates on.”


Select this calendar, and the event will not be scheduled on any date that the exception calendar has an event saved.

Note: The exception calendar does not work retroactively. If you add an event to the exception calendar after an event has already been scheduled on that day, the existing event will not be updated. To resolve the calendars, return to the existing event and click the “Update” button.

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