Using Saved Form Elements

Both form elements and lists (the options used in radio buttons, checkboxes and select lists) can be saved and re-used later.

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Copying elements

After an element has been created in the Build & Edit tab, it can be copied to the clipboard. The clipboard is a temporary holding area where a single element can be placed in order to create additional copies of it on the form.

To save an element to the clipboard, click on it to highlight it, and then click the blue "Copy" button found under "Selection Controls." (Highlighted elements have a dark gray background.)

Multiple elements can be copied at once. Click the form background and drag to create a selection box around a group of items, or click multiple elements while holding Shift. Note however that they will act like a single element when pasted back into the form - the pasted elements will take up the same rows and positions as the original elements. While on the clipboard, the display will indicate how many elements have been copied and how many rows they take up.

Once the form is saved and closed, the contents of the clipboard will be lost. To save an element for use on another form, use the "Save Element" feature.

Saving elements

The "Saved Elements" pane in the Element Library stores customized elements that forms users have created. These elements can be customized with any desired properties and then saved for later use on any other form. Saved elements can be used anywhere, not just on the form where they were created.

To save an element, drag it into the Build & Edit tab, customize its properties, and then click on it to highlight it. While it's highlighted, click the green "Save" button under "Selection Controls."

The "Save Element(s)" screen will appear. Give the element a name, and add any optional comments that might make the element easier for other users to understand. If the element is to be used by other forms editors, select the checkbox marked "Add to the shared element library." If this box is not selected, then the only user who will be able to see that saved element is the user who first created it.

Saved elements can be edited without opening up the Build & Edit tab. Click the "Saved Elements List" button on the Dashboard tab to open up the Manage Saved Elements screen.


Clicking a saved element's name will open it up for editing.

Users can only modify the elements that they themselves saved; other users' elements will be locked. Another user's element may be cloned however, and the clone can be edited and saved separately. Click the blue "Clone Saved Element" button to create a new copy of an existing saved element.

Changes made to a saved element will not be applied retroactively to any copies which were previously used in other forms. Only future examples of the saved element will reflect the edits.

Saving Lists

Whenever a radio button, checkbox or select list element (collectively referred to as "selection elements") is used, the options presented to an end user by that element are controlled by an Element List. These lists can be saved and re-used, just like elements.

Each selection element's properties contains the "List Items" section. This is where the options that the user can choose with that element are defined. At the top of the List Items, the gray buttons labeled "Load from the Library" and "Save to the Library" allow editors to save and re-use existing Lists. 

To save a List, click "Save to the Library" after entering List items. Give the list a unique name. Next, choose a list category, or create a new one (categories make it easy to organize Lists however you prefer, so they can be found much faster later on). 

Click the green "Save List" button when finished. The List will be saved to the List Library.

Using Saved Lists

A previously-saved list can be applied to any selection element that you place on your form. To use a Saved list:

  1. Add a selection element to the form (either a radio button, checkbox or dropdown menu).
  2. Hover over the selection element and edit its properties.
  3. Find the "List Items" section, and click "Load from the Library." The list of all saved Lists will pop up, sorted alphabetically by category.
  4. Scroll to find the List you want to use, and click on the name. The selection element will be automatically populated with the items from the List.

Lists can be viewed and edited without going into the Build & Edit tab. Click "Manage List Library" from the Dashboard tab, then click an individual List's name to open it for editing. 

Click the green "Save" button when finished.

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