Adding File Attachments to a Form

The "Attach File" element, under Standard Elements, can be used to allow a submitter to upload their own files to their form submission. This can be helpful for a number of situations:

  • Pictures on a student form or for passport photos.
  • A resume on a job application form.
  • Signed permission slips from parents for a field trip.


To use this feature, simply add the Attach File element by dragging it from the Element Library to your form.

Accepted File Types

By default, the element is set to accept all file types that are allowed on your site. To limit the types of files tht users can upload, uncheck the "Accept all approved file types" checkbox, and check off the file types you'd like to accept. If you do not see a file type in this list, contact Finalsite Support to request a filetype be added to your site.

Upload File Size

Files uploaded to an Attach File element have a maximum size of 10MB.

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