Connecting a Finalsite Calendar with a Google Calendar

To bring a Google Calendar into Finalsite

First, login to your Google Calendar, and find the list of calendars on the left. Click the three dots next to the one you want to share, and select Settings & Sharing.


In the next screen, scroll to the "Integrate calendar" section. There is a "Public address in iCal format," which lets you share the calendar with other users. The calendar must be set to public on the "Access Permissions" section of the same settings area. The second option, "Secret address in iCal format," is meant to be for you only. The secret subscription feed includes all calendar items, including those marked "private." The public address, meanwhile, will only include items marked "public." Choose which feed version you want to pull into Finalsite and copy the address.


Next, open Calendar Manager in Finalsite. Create a new calendar. Set the Calendar Type to "Live iCal," and paste the copied URL into the "Live URL" field.

Save the calendar, and events from Google should automatically populate the calendar. As new events are added to the Google Calendar, they'll be pulled into the Finalsite calendar, as well.

The fields that are synced between Google and Finalsite are:

  • Start Date / Start Time

  • End date / End time

  • Title

  • Location

  • Description

Troubleshooting: iCal sync isn’t updating/refreshing.

iCal refresh rates are based on the file size of the iCal feed coming over (in other words, how many events have been created on that calendar). This is explained in the article Using iCal feeds to synchronize multiple calendar systems.

The sync rates are:

  • For a calendar 0 - 500 kilobytes: hourly

  • For a calendar 500 kilobytes - 1.5 megabytes: nightly

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