Display published timed events in calendar view

How to ensure published timed events show in calendar view

There is a setting in Calendar Manager called "Default Time Range" that determines the time range for the day and week view of your calendar (Week/Day Grid View). This setting is found in Calendar Manager > Settings, in the "Week/Day Grid View" section.

The time range you set here will determine which calendar events are shown on the site - events that are scheduled for times outside of this range will not be displayed. (This does not apply to events that do not have a time range set at all - if an event is set to "All Day," then the time range filtering will not affect it.)

Note: This setting uses the 24-hour format to determine its range. Example: 700 to 2000 would be the equivalent of 7 AM to 8 PM.

The time format on your site is set by the "Default Time Format" dropdown menu; if this is set to 12-hours, you will see AM and PM in the week or day view of your site. If you select 24-hours, then the clock won't reset at 1:00 PM, instead the afternoon/evening hours will continue on up to 23:59, and the clock will reset to 00:00 at midnight.

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