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We’ve all been in the position working on our websites where we wish we could start over and undo everything. With Composer, you have two different options to revert to a previously published version. This article will show you both of those ways.

Revert changes before publishing

Let's say you are making changes on a page but haven't published again and decide you'd like to undo those changes. This is the perfect scenario for using the Restore tool. Click on the 3-dot More Action Menu on the bottom-right of the Composer window, and click on the arrow to undo all unpublished changes to the page.

restore page button in composer.png

But what if you’ve already published? 

Restore back to another previously published state

Now you can restore pages even after they've been published a second time... or a third time... or many times! The Page Restore Utility tool allows you to open up a screen to see all published versions and choose which one to restore back to.

Confirm your permission level

In order to access the Page Restore Utility tool, an admin user must have one of the following permission levels: 

  • Global Composer Pages permission level of View, Edit, Publish, & Delete or higher.
    view edit publish and delete.png
  • Granular Composer individual page level of View, Edit, Publish, & Delete or higher.
    granular page level permissions.png

Here's how it works: 

Step 1: With your page open, expand out the 3-dot More Action Menu on the bottom-right of the Composer window, then click on the arrow wheel to open the Page History Log.

page restore utility.png

Step 2: At the bottom of the Page History Log, click Open Full Page History

page history log .png

Step 3: The Version History page will display. Confirm the correct page name at the top to be sure you are restoring the page you are wanting to restore!

version history page.png

Step 4: Click the restore button for the version you would like to go back to.

restore confirmation window.png

Step 5: Click on your page in the Page Tree to confirm the right version was restored, and then Publish your page. 

Restore a deleted page

Finalsite Support can assist you anytime you have deleted a page and wished you hadn't! Submit a request to our team for service resolving this issue.

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