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If you’re one of several admins working on your Composer site, it can be easy to lose track of who’s making what changes to certain pages. That’s where the Page History tool comes in. Click on the More Actions menu on the bottom-right of the Composer window, and the Page History icon is the first option on the left.


The window that appears will provide a list of the most recent changes, when they were made, who made them, and a brief description of what they were. In the following example, we can see that admin Paige Turner has created a new page, updated it several times, published it twice, and restored it to the published version. She’s even left a note to tell other admins about what changes were made.


You can click on the comment icon on the right side to view the message left on publication, click on the admin’s name to start writing an email to that admin, or click on “Open Full Page History” to view the page’s history all the way back to its created date.

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