Single Sign-on options

Single sign on integrations ("SSOs") allow your site users to access any number of password-protected online resources using just a single set of usernames and passwords. This article provides a partial list of some of the more common SSO integrations Finalsite supports. 

The following Single Sign On integrations have already been developed and are ready to be added to your site:

Name Category
Encylcopedia Brittanica Academics
CIAC  Integration only, no SSO Athletics Scheduling
ScheduleStar Athletics Scheduling
pickAtime Calendar and Meeting Management
Google Apps for Education Collaboration & Productivity
Moodle Learning Management System
EBSCOhost Research
Google Productivity and Search
World Book Research
Naviance Student Advising

Student Information Systems

InRESONANCE Student Information Systems
PCR Educator Student Information Systems
Rediker Software Student Information Systems
SeniorSystems (My Backpack) Student Information Systems
Veracross Student Information Systems

This list is not complete, but reflects the most popular systems for integration. If you'd like to get an SSO for a system you don't see here, it's possible we've already written an SSO for the software you use and can get you up and running soon (you can always send us a ticket in Support and ask us about it, too).

You can also ask the finalsite admin users in our Community Voice forum about it. If a brand-new SSO needs to be written, the ones that receive the most interest from our Community Voice members will be given priority in development.

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