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Galleries overview

Galleries organize your resources for use on your website, like folders. Unlike folders, they do not impact the URL of a resource. This means you can move files and add them to more than one gallery. Galleries provide the organizational benefit of folders without locking your files into a permanent location in your storage system.

Create a new top-level gallery by clicking Create Gallery on the Galleries tab, or add a gallery under an existing one by clicking Create Gallery on the three-dot Action Menu of the desired parent gallery. Choose a name, and add a description or thumbnail if desired.

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Galleries can be moved after they are created by clicking on Move Gallery from the three-dot Action Menu. You can change the name, description, or thumbnail of a gallery after it is created by selecting Settings from the Action Menu. 

It is not required to be a site admin to access or upload to a gallery. Permissions for galleries can be set for specific groups in Group Manager. Refer to the Resources permissions article for more information about this process.

Add media into a gallery

Important Note

Moving media into a gallery does not move them out of Resources. You are only taking a copy of this media file and placing it into a gallery where it can be displayed for a particular purpose. 

There are different ways to add your media into a gallery:

Add Media One File at a Time Add Media In Bulk

Start in Galleries

In Galleries area, you can add a resource one at a time to a selected gallery.

  1. In Galleries, click the + Public Resource button.
  2. Select an existing file from Resources or upload a new resource from another location.
  3. Click the Update button on the bottom right of the screen to finalize the change.

add resource to a gallery one at a time.png

Start in Resources

In the Resources module, you can add a resource one at a time to a selected gallery. 

  1. Select a resource.
  2. Click the + in the Quick Actions Panel to add the media file to a gallery.

add resource one at a time to a gallery.png

Remove from gallery

To remove a resource from a gallery, click on the resource, then click on the Remove from Gallery resource8.png icon underneath the resource preview image. This will remove the resource from the gallery, but will not delete it from Resources.

After you have removed resources from a gallery, click the Update button on the bottom right of the screen to finalize the change.

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