Resources permissions

In this article, we’ll describe the process for granting permissions within the Resources module.

Resources permissions offer very specific control over what any of your admin users are allowed to access in the module. This is done on several levels: Global Level, Folder Level, Gallery Level, as well as Post/Messages Folder Level. For example scenarios, check out our article, "Resources permissions examples."

Global Folder Gallery Post/Messages folders

Set Global Level permissions

Rights to the entire Resources module can be granted through the Permissions tab to any admin user group that has access to Composer.

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Much like in Composer permissions, the tab shows a list of the admin user groups. Dropdown menus let you choose the level of rights to grant to members of a given admin group: Admin; View, Upload & Edit; or Not Allowed.

  • Not Allowed: Admin users in this group will not have access to anything in Resources by default. Rights may be granted to specific folders or galleries individually.
  • View, Upload & Edit: Admins will be able to view resources. Upload new resources, add resources to galleries, and add new resource folders and galleries. They can edit public and private resources, as well as have limited access to the Resources and Galleries tabs of the module.

This level does not include the right to remove or edit settings on any folders or galleries. 

  • Admin: Admins will have full rights to the entire Resources module, including the ability to assign admin permissions to other admin groups.
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