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By default, Finalsite employs a native authentication method wherein usernames and passwords are stored and managed in Constituent Manager. This guide outlines the login procedures for constituents, differentiating between admin users accessing the back end and portal users accessing the front end of the website.

Data requirements for Finalsite authentication

Constituents must have a username populated in the Account tab of their Constituent Manager profile and an associated email address to set or reset their Finalsite password. This information is applicable only to websites without a third-party authentication method.


Admin User Login

Admin users, designated as administrators for the website, can access the back end via Ensure the user's admin group is set to Finalsite Authentication using the admin users panel here.

  • Admin users can enter their username at to login.
  • Password resets can be performed through the Forgot Username or Password? link on

Portal User Login

Portal users, constituents with both an email address and username in Constituent Manager, can access the front end via or any page with an account element added in Composer.

  • Navigate to Integrated Services Manager > Authentication > Finalsite > Role Settings to view Constituent roles set to authenticate using Finalsite credentials.
  • For initial setup or password reset, portal users should click Forgot Username or Password on the login page ( and enter their email address associated in Constituent Manager. An email will be sent containing their username and a link to set or reset their Finalsite password.

After setting their Finalsite password, users will be prompted to log in once more.

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