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The Personalization element works together with the Personalization options for each page to target information on your site directly to the users who will be interested in it the most. Create segments for personalization so that you can then add Personalization elements onto different pages on your website to configure these pages to meet your needs.

Personalization element overview

The Personalization element is found in the Layout tab of the Element library.

personalization element.png

Add a Personalization element to a Composer page. Use a separate Personalization Panel element for each segment that you wish to target.

A Personalization element consists of:

  • a personalization container
  • a Personalization Panel element

The first panel is inserted by default, and you can add as many additional panels as you need. Click the green Add Panel link below the existing panel to add new panel.

add panel button on personalization element.png

Personalization panel element settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Personalization Panel element includes the following configuration option.

Personalization Panel element settings

Display Panel to visitors in the segment(s): Choose one segment that will be able to view the content within the Personalization Panel element.

For more information, refer to the Personalization section of the Knowledge Base.

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