Constituent Manager overview

Constituent Manager is the module that houses data about your people (constituents) organized into roles and/or groups.

A role is simply a “bucket” of constituents, such as Faculty and Staff, Students, Parents, or Alumni. The available roles are based on your contract. A group is a subsection of constituents organized using Group Manager and can be configured in a way that works best for your organization.


Data in Constituent Manager can be populated in three ways.

  • Manual Entry: Manually enter data for each profile, one-by-one.
  • Datasheet Upload: Complete the datasheet and upload yourself! Learn more at "Upload constituent data to Constituent Manager."
  • Integration: Single-directional import of your student information system data.

Once uploaded, the data in Constituent Manager can benefit you in many ways.

  • Admin User Accounts: Create admin user accounts for certain people to manage your website.
  • Directory: Display people information on your webpages in Constituent Elements > Directory format. 
  • Messages: Send a template to a group of people in Constituent Manager.
  • Portals: Create portal accounts for your people to log into an access-controlled page.
  • Posts: Allow a group of constituents to add posts to a specific board.
  • Resources: Allow a group of people to upload resources to Resources.
  • Subscriptions: View subscriptions (e.g., eNotify, calendar) that an individual has signed up for.

Check out our article, "Manage your data in Constituent Manager" for more information on how to perform the tasks within Constituent Manager. You can also take a look at our other Constituent Manager articles for more info.

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