Constituent Manager overview

Constituent Manager is the module that houses data about your people (constituents) organized into roles and/or groups.

A role is simply a “bucket” of constituents, such as Faculty and Staff, Students, Parents, or Alumni. The available roles are based on your contract. A group is a subsection of constituents organized using Group Manager and can be configured in a way that works best for your organization.


Data in Constituent Manager can be populated in three ways.

  • Integration: Single-directional import of your student information system data.

  • Datasheet upload: Complete the datasheet and upload (Support can help).

  • Manual entry: Manually enter data for each profile.

Once uploaded, the data in Constituent Manager can be used in many ways.

  • Display people information on your webpages (directory).

  • Create portal accounts for your people to log into an access-controlled page.

  • Create admin accounts for certain people to manage your website.

  • View subscriptions (e.g., eNotify, calendar) that an individual has signed up for.

Data from Constituent Manager can also be used in other modules. 

  • Messages: Send a template to a group of people in Constituent Manager.

  • Posts: Allow a group of constituents to add posts to a specific board.

  • Resources: Allow a group of people to upload resources to Resources.

Take a look at our other Constituent Manager articles for more info.

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