Posts for Teacher Pages Step 2: Create details page for Teacher Pages template

Now that you have completed Step 1: Create main page for Teacher Pages template, you will need to create a second page for the post details. When a user clicks on the title of a post on the main page, the body content of the post will open within this details page.

Create a page

To start, create a child page to the Teacher Page Template and name it something like “Teacher Page Template Details.” Just like the main template page, the details page works best in a two-column layout. However, in this case, we recommend using the two-thirds/one-third layout. Turn on Compose mode and use the Page Layout and Themes button in the bottom-left corner to select the two-column layout option.


Post and Resource elements

In the left column, click to add an element and select the Post element from the Module menu. Before configuring this element, click to add a second element below the Post element, this time selecting the Resource element from the Standard element menu.


Start by configuring the Post element, which will be used to show the body content of the post. Access the element settings, then choose the Single format and turn off the element title. Use the Content Details section to choose what will display on the page; we recommend at least selecting Body and Thumbnail.

Do not set the Title to show within the Content Details section. Instead, open the Formatting section and check the box for “Override Page Title and SEO Metadata.” This way, the title of whatever post is opened on that page will dynamically show as the page title.


Finally, open the Link To section, select the “Element” option, and choose the Resource element.


The Resource element you’ve added will display a slideshow of images if the teacher has used the “Attach Resource” option within an individual post. Access the settings, then choose the Slideshow format. Under the All section, set the Display Resource option to “None” and uncheck the box for Description.


Return to main page link

In the right column, click to add an element and select the Board element from the Module menu. Access the settings, then choose the Single format and set the element title to something like “Return to Overview.” Within the Content Details section, only select the Board Title option. Within the Link To section, use the Page option and select the main Teacher Page Template page.


Link details to main page

With these three elements in place, your details template page will look something like this:


Now that you have a details page configured, you can set the Post elements on the main template page to link to the details page. To start, return to the main Teacher Page Template page. Click on the gear icon for the “Important Information” post element in the left column and open the Link To section. Use the Select Page tool to choose the details page. Repeat these steps with the “Classroom Blog” post element in the right column.


The Teacher Page Template structure is now configured! Be sure to publish both pages when you’re ready, then move on to Step 3: Create groups and bulk create boards.

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