Allow site users to request events

Events for your organization may come from any number of places, not just your website administration team. Empower those event creators to submit their events to the calendar without giving them access to the back end of your site.

Step 1: Configure the calendar

On the Calendar Settings screen, select the checkbox for "Allow site visitors to post requested events." This enables that calendar to receive requested events.

Calendar settings with Allow site visitors to post requested events checkbox highlighted

When the checkbox is selected, a new field for "Owner's Email" will appear. Enter the email address of a Calendar Manager admin who has publish rights for this calendar. This person will receive a message any time an event is requested for this calendar. 

Click "Update" to save your settings. Repeat this process for any calendars you want to have site users add events to.

Step 2: Configure the Calendar element

In order for users to request their events, you have to give them a place on the website to do so. That's where the Calendar element comes in.  In the Calendar element settings, enable the "Display Request Event control" setting in the General Settings section. 

Calendar element settings with Display Request Event control checkbox highlighted

With this setting enabled, and at least one calendar displayed in the element that has the "Allow site visitors to post requested events" setting enabled, a green "+" icon will appear in the top-right corner of the element, where users can request events.

Icons at the top right of a Calendar element with request event + icon highlighted

Step 3: Request and approve suggested events

With this combination of settings, a user can visit the calendar page, click on the "+" icon, and access a form to submit an event request. 


Along with a field for the requester's name and email, the form has fields to complete the title, date, time, location, recurrence, notes, description, and priority for the event. They can attach the event to any or all calendars displayed in the element that have the "Allow site visitors to post requested events" setting enabled. They will click "Post This Event" to submit the event to Calendar Manager for approval and email the calendar owner.

Note: The event will not be added to the calendar until it has been approved by a Calendar Manager admin. 

On the Calendar Manager dashboard, a new section will appear for "Suggested Events Waiting for Approval." Event details will appear underneath with a "P" icon next to it, indicating that it needs to be published.

Suggested Events Waiting for Approval section of Calendar Manager dashboard

Click on the "P" icon to publish the event immediately, or click on the pencil icon to bring up the event details and review and edit them. 

Note: "Suggested Events Waiting for Approval" appears for all Calendar Manager admins, not just the calendar owner. Any admin can approve or delete a suggested event. If you receive an email as the calendar owner and do not see a suggested event to be published, first check with other Calendar Manager admins to confirm that they did not take action on the event. 

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