Offer store discounts with coupons

Coupons are unique codes that customers can enter at checkout and get a discount on their purchase. You can offer your customers free shipping, a percentage discount (such as 10% off), a fixed-value discount (such as $5 off), and a combination of a discount plus free shipping.

Discount codes can be a combination of letters and/or numbers. You can use your own codes, or let your store generate them for you.

You can also specify:

  • How many times a code can be used
  • A minimum order amount before the code can be used
  • Which customers can use a code
  • Which products or categories the discount can be applied to

The coupon field is displayed on the cart page below the order total. Customers can click on the “Redeem your coupon” link to access it. When a coupon is applied at checkout, the discount amount is deducted from the order subtotal (the total cost of all items in the cart, excluding taxes and shipping).

Note: Customers can apply only one coupon per order.

This article provides instructions on creating a discount coupon code, adding coupon restrictions, and monitoring discount coupons.

Creating a discount coupon code

To create a new discount coupon:

  1. Go to Marketing > Discount Coupons.

  2. Click “Add New Coupon.”

  3. Enter a name for the coupon.

  4. A code will automatically be generated in the field, but you can replace it with any unique combination of letters and numbers, if you prefer.

  5. Select the discount type: discount, free shipping, or discount + free shipping.

  6. If you select a discount, enter the discount value and use the dropdown to choose between a percentage or a monetary value.

  7. The rest of the options for the coupon can be read as a sentence below the fields. First, click “today” to choose which date the coupon should become active.

  8. Click “deactivated” if you’d like to set a specific date the coupon will expire on.

    Note: The coupons are activated at 00:00:00 and deactivated at 23:59:59 by Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). For example, if you select a coupon start day of January 1, the code will activate at 00:00:00 UTC on January 1. If you select a coupon end day of January 2, the code will expire at 23:59:59 UTC on January 2.

  9. If the code should apply to specific orders, products or customers, click on “no limits” and define the coupon limits. (See Adding coupon restrictions for more information about configuring limits.)

  10. Click “Save.”

Adding coupon restrictions

A coupon doesn’t have to be universally applicable. You can set coupon codes to apply to specific orders, products, and customers, as well as limit the number of times a coupon can be used.

To add usage restrictions to a coupon:

  1. Go to Marketing > Discount Coupons.

  2. Open the coupon to edit it and click “no limits.”


  3. In the popup, you can configure which orders, customers, and products the coupon should apply to.


    • Change the radio button under Orders and enter an amount to set a minimum limit for the coupon.

    • Under Customers, select “repeat customers” or “new customers” to limit who can use the coupon. This limit will be based on whether customers have at least one order with Paid status.

    • For Number of Uses, select “once per customer” or “single use” to restrict how often a coupon is valid. A “once per customer” coupon is validated based on the email address entered at checkout, so a customer may circumvent this limit by using a different address. A single-use coupon expires as soon as it has been used once.

    • Finally, click the links under Products and Categories to limit what products may be discounted with the coupon. For products, enter a SKU or product name in the respective fields to filter the list, then use the checkboxes to include each product. For categories, click the “+” icons to expand each top-level category and select any categories or subcategories with the checkboxes.

  4. When you have finished defining coupon limits, click “Apply.”

Monitoring discount coupons

On the Marketing > Discount Coupons page, you can filter coupons by: name, code, discount type, time of life, availability, and number of uses. Filters help you quickly check what codes are used more often than others, which coupons are active at the moment, which ones have already expired, and more.

The “Time of life” filter lets you see how many coupons are currently available to customers, which ones are starting soon, which ones are expiring soon, and which ones will run indefinitely.

Under “Availability,” you can see which coupons are active, paused, expired, or used up.

Click on the number in the “Uses” column to see a list of orders that were placed with this code.

If you want to stop the coupon usage for the moment but keep it for a future promotion, you can pause the code by clicking “Pause” and reactivate it later using “Run.” You can pause a coupon with a deactivation date only before it has expired. (The “Time of life” filter does not account for whether a coupon has been paused.)


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