Set up online payment gateways

As with our Forms and Forms Manager modules, Finalsite Store does not accept payments directly, but rather links to an external payment gateway that you have an existing merchant account with. You can activate or change a payment provider from the Payment page of your store admin.

Adding online payment gateways

To accept payments online, you should open a merchant account with a payment processor from the supported list and choose this payment processor (gateway) when adding an online payment method in your store. Note that every payment provider charges a different fee for processing transactions in your store.

To add an online payment method in your store:

  1. From your store admin, go to “Payment.”

  2. Scroll down to “Add new payment methods.”

  3. Choose a payment system from the recommended payment options or scroll to the “More options to accept online payments” block and select a payment system from the dropdown menu.

  4. Fill out the fields with the details from your account with that payment processor.

  5. In the “Appearance options” section, enter the display name for this payment method at checkout.

  6. Keep the “Show at checkout” setting as Enabled to offer this payment method at checkout.

  7. Add payment instructions for this payment method at checkout, if needed.

  8. You can also connect this payment method with particular shipping options in your store. Customers will see this payment method only if they choose the shipping options you specify. 

Your payment gateway is now set up. Try running a test order to get an idea of how this will look to your customers.

Once a customer pays for an order, funds go to your merchant account. Your payment provider has to process the transaction first, then you can withdraw the money from your merchant account to your bank account. Check order payment statuses in “My Sales.”

Disabling a payment provider

You can disable or remove a payment provider if you no longer wish to use it. Once you've removed it, it no longer appears on your checkout page.

To disable a payment provider:

  1. From your store admin, go to the Payment page.

  2. Locate any enabled payment method and click the toggle to disable this method and remove it from the checkout page.

To remove the payment provider and disconnect it from the store admin, locate the block for that provider, click the “Actions” button, then select “Remove.”

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