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Products are the physical goods, digital files, and services that you sell. Add a product by entering product details and uploading product images. Products can be easily duplicated and removed as needed.

Adding new products

When your store is first created, your Store setup specialist will help you upload all of your products using a datasheet. However, you can add new products to your store at any time. To add a new product:

      1. Go to Catalog > Products.
      2. Click “Add New Product.”


      3. Enter the name, description, and other product details.


      4. Click Save.
      5. Click on “Preview Product” to see how this product will look in your online store.

Duplicating products

When you add several products with many similarities, duplication can help speed up the entry process and save you time. By copying a product, you can modify specific details instead of repeatedly filling out the product information.

If you want to add options to a product, such as color or size, then add a variation to the existing product instead of duplicating the product.

When you duplicate a product, you will have a copy of the original product. The only difference is the SKU. It is generated automatically since it must be unique (but you can update it).

To duplicate a product:

      1. From your store admin, go to Catalog > Products.
      2. Open the product you want to duplicate.
      3. Click “Duplicate Product.”


      4. Modify the product details.
      5. Click Save.

Removing products from the catalog

You can delete a single product, or multiple products at once using a mass update. When you delete a product, it's permanently removed from the store and can't be restored.

To permanently delete a product from your catalog, go to Catalog > Products and choose the product you want to delete. Click “Edit Product,” then select “Delete Product.”

To delete several products at once, go to Catalog > Products and use the checkboxes to select multiple products in the list. Click the “Mass Update” button that appears, then choose “Delete Selected.”

If you run out of stock or no longer want to display a product for any reason, but you don’t want to permanently delete it from your store, then you can “Disable” the product availability instead, using the toggle under Availability on the product details page.

If you want to remove a product from a category, you can unassign the product from the category. If you want to remove products from the Featured Products section only, remove these products from the default Store Front Page category.

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