Enabling Email Notifications

Notifications for form submissions can be set up so that you and/or other admins can receive an email when a form is submitted. Notification emails are also available for the person filling out the form.

To set up email notifications, go to the Notifications & Redirects tab of the form in Forms Manager.

Admin Notification Emails

In the Admin Notification Email section, click the "+ Add" to add an email address to receive the notifications. Enter the address in the box that pops up and click the green checkbox to save. Click the "X" to cancel. 

To delete an address, uncheck the checkbox to the left of it, and save the settings at the bottom of the page.

Below the addresses are a few options for configuring the contents of this email.

Submitter Notification Emails

The next section, "Respondent Confirmation", contains settings for the person who is filling out the form.

The first setting, Redirect Page, controls what happens when they complete their submission.

The next section controls the email that the submitter will receive.

  • Send confirmation email to respondent: This setting will add a field to the bottom of the form, allowing the user to add an email address to receive the notification email at.
  • Make this a required field: You can choose whether to force the user to enter an email or not. These two settings are always enabled for payment forms. 
  • Include the full results of the form submission: If this is enabled, the user will receive a copy of their submission data in the email.
  • Include a custom message at the beginning of the email: You can choose to add a message to the start of the email. A full editor-enabled box will appear to add content to.

Payment Forms and Notifications

By default, payment forms will send two separate emails: one when a form is submitted (before payment), and one when a payment has been completed successfully.

In the Payment tab of the form, there are settings for Admin Invoice Emails and Respondent Invoice Emails. When these fields are set to the "Combine" option, a single email will only be sent out when a payment has been completed. These can be set independently for the admin and the submitter.

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