Starting driving directions from an alternative location

Every Finalsite school has a default location set in the Site Manager tab (under Site Administration > Site Information). This address is used as the origin point for any Google Maps that you place onto Athletics pages. If your school has more than one campus, or there are multiple schools in your district, you can create alternate locations within Athletics Manager. Once you've done that, you can associate certain teams with an alternate campus, so driving directions for those teams' events will be customized to the proper campus.

First, create a new location for your alternate campus on the "Locations" tab in Athletics Manager:

  1. Go to the "Locations" tab and click the green "New Location" button. 
  2. Enter the proper address information. This will be the starting point for the driving directions for teams from that campus. 
  3. Deselect the "List in Athletics Event Editor" checkbox (so the alternate campus will not show up in the list of potential "Away" game sites when creating new Athletics events).

If you haven't already done so, create a new School for your alternate campus in the "Team Classifications" screen, linked from the "Dashboard" tab. 


  1. Scroll down to the bottom and click the "New School" button. This will pop open a "New School" window.

Enter the name of your alternate campus in the "School Name" field. In the dropdown menu labeled "Google Maps From Location," select the location that you just created.

Now you've got an alternate "Home" location. 

Finally, associate the proper teams with this place, so that the directions on those teams' specific pages display correctly. Go to the "Teams" tab and find a team that should be associated with the new school you just created. 

  1. Click on the team's name to edit its properties. 
  2. In the "Team Classification" section, find the dropdown menu labeled "School" and select the appropriate school.

  3. Repeat the last step for any team which should be associated with the alternate campus.

Going forward, all of the driving directions for those teams will originate at the new location you created.

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