Adding new text message (SMS) carriers

Finalsite has a list of default carriers that can be used to send email-to-SMS messages. Each of these carriers has the ability to send an email to an email address unique to the person's phone number (usually in the format: []), which is automatically converted into an SMS message.

These carriers can be seen by going to Site Manager > Site Administration > Site Modules > Alerts.

To enable (or disable) any carriers

  1. Check (or uncheck) the box next to the carrier.

  2. Click "Update This Module" near the bottom.

To add a new carrier

Scroll down to the bottom of this view to the Add new Mobile Phone Carrier section.

Carrier Label: Enter the name of the carrier to add.

Carrier Address: Every carrier capable of email-to-SMS message has a unique domain they use. You can look up the specific domain for a carrier here. If you cannot find the carrier you want to add in either list, you may have some luck Googling "[the carrier] email to sms domain". When you do find the domain, enter it in here, without the @.

Number Prefix: Some carriers will add a set numerical prefix to their addresses, as in the example below. If your carrier does this, add that number here.

Country: Select the country this carrier operates in.

Once this is complete, just click Add Carrier to enable it for email-to-SMS messaging.

add new mobile phone carrier section.png

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