Creating portal usernames

Usernames can be created using one of two methods: during the constituent datasheet upload process, or individually via Constituent Manager.

Note: Each constituent must have a unique username. If you attempt to assign an existing username to a new constituent, the username will be denied, or simply left blank if it was part of a datasheet upload. If it was uploaded, you'll have to go to Constituent Manager to assign a different username.

Create usernames before uploading constituents

Creating usernames as part of uploading constituent datasheets is a highly efficient approach, particularly for large numbers of constituents. Simply fill in the "username" field in the appropriate column of the portal datasheet. 

Create usernames after upload

  1. Go to a constituent's profile by selecting their name in Constituent Manager.

  2. Click on the Account tab.

  3. Click the "Create Portal Login" link.


  4. If the constituent's profile includes an email address, the default username for the portal login will be the email address username. (For instance, a user with the email address "" will automatically receive the username "jsmith" in their constituent account.)

    If no email address is available, the portal login username will be the constituent's last name, followed by their first initial. (In the above example, the username would be "smithj.")

Best practices for creating usernames

Give constituents a username that uses some combination of their first and last name. Class year can also be used if there might be multiple users with the same first and last names.

Some sample username schemes include: 

  • [first name].[last name]
  • [first initial].[last name]
  • [first name].[last name]_[class year]

If students or faculty already have usernames for other internal systems (email, etc.), it makes sense to use the same login credentials for Finalsite, as well.

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