Troubleshoot duplicate profiles in Constituent Manager

Constituent Manager is the module that houses and organizes your people data into roles and/or groups. Learn more in our “Constituent Manager overview” article before continuing on with this article.

When adding data for your people into Constituent Manager, it’s important to consider that you might have duplicate information coming from different sources or existing in the original location. This article will help you to understand why you have duplicate constituent profiles in the first place. Then we can give you tips on what to do about them.

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Scenario #1: Both static and dynamic data methods used

Constituents were added both manually and by data integration sync. Records were manually created in Constituent Manager before a data sync was initiated, pulling in the same user twice.

How do I know if a constituent profile was added manually or by integration?

On the Profile tab, scroll down to the System Information section. If the Constituent Origin column says Finalsite System Default,” and an ID exists similar to “fs_####,” this means the profile was manually added.

  • When constituents have been added manually or through static data upload, the label in the Constituent Origin column will display as Finalsite System Default.

system information .png

  • When a data integration sync was used to dynamically add constituents, the name of the integration platform will populate under Constituent Origin.

constituent origin.png

Solution A: Delete the manually-created profile

Once you have determined which profile was added manually, you can simply delete it.

delete constituent profile.png

Important Note

Before deleting a constituent profile, click on the Account tab to confirm whether or not the user has an Admin Login. You will not want to accidentally delete the constituent profile that is connected to an Admin User Account.

Solution B: Merge two profiles

You may need to keep the manually created profile because it is linked to an admin user login. If this is the case, here is how you can merge these two profiles:

  1. Highlight and copy the importID from the profile that has been added by data integration sync under the ID column.
    importID from third party integration software.png
  2. Scroll up and delete the synced profile.
    delete constituent profile.png
  3. Paste the importID into the manually-added constituent profile.
    paste the importID into the correct field in the ID column.png
  • Go back to the profile that you’d like to keep in the system.
  • Scroll down to the System Information section at the bottom of the Profile tab.
  • Click the green +Add New ImportID
  • Choose the Integration software name from the dropdown menu
  • Choose the Feed type in the second dropdown menu
  • Paste the importID into the field in the ID column

    4. Once the sync has been run, it will recognize that the two profiles have been merged into one. 

Scenario #2: A duplicate exists in your data source

A duplicate record exists in your third-party integration software, bringing duplicate profiles into the Finalsite system.

Solution: Fix within your data source

Scenario #3: A duplicate record exists in the public user role

Sometimes, a Public User profile has the username in use. Public User profiles are created via the Create New Account link on a login page in Composer. That option can be disabled via the account element on that page in Composer.

Solution: Delete your Public User profile duplicate

Deleting a Public User profile frees up the username, making it available for use with the preferred profile. 

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