Groups element

The Groups element displays links to a user’s Group Manager groups.

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Element Settings

In addition to the common element settings, the Groups element includes the following configuration options.

Groups element settings

General Settings 

  • Display Groups for: Decide whether to display groups for “Parent and their Children,” “Parent Only,” or “Children Only.” Note: The terms "Parent" and "Children" refer to the structure of the relationship of the person logged in. The preferred settings for each role are:

    • Student: Select "Parent Only" and the students will only see their groups.
    • Parent: Select "Parent and their Children" and the parent will see their groups and those groups for the individuals related to them in Constituent Manager as their children. If you select "Parent only," it will only show the parent's groups. It will only show the user's children's groups if you select "Children Only." 
    • Faculty/Staff: Works similarly to the options you would select for "Parent." Most likely, you will want to choose "Parent and their children."
  • Show Groups Dashboard Link: Enable this checkbox to show a link to the Groups Dashboard as part of the element. 

Group Settings

Set whether to display all applicable groups (as set above) or a specific group, such as Academic Classes.

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