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Members can be added to an existing group in one of the following ways: individually, by using a dynamic filter, or uploaded from a datasheet.

Add members individually

  1. Select the group
  2. Click on the Members tab
  3. Click Select More Members
  4. In the Select Person dialog box, select the group
  5. Search for the member's name
  6. Click the member's name



Add members using dynamic filters

Dynamic Filters automatically add members to a group when those users' Constituent Manager profiles meet certain parameters or include certain pieces of data that you define. You can create a Dynamic Filter that populates a group with all students in a particular grade, with all constituents of a given gender, with all alumni of a specified class year, and so on.


You can stack various selection criteria together in a single Dynamic Filter, thereby making a very complex set of parameters that constituents must meet in order to be filtered into a group.



The difference between a Dynamic Filter and individual (explicit) selection is that if members in a group are explicitly selected, that membership roster will never change. If you use a Dynamic Filter to populate a group, then the members of that group can change without your having to do anything. For instance, a group called "10th Graders" that is explicitly populated will always contain the same students, year after year. When those students progress to the 11th grade, the list would need to be reconstructed, as it would no longer accurately describe the students it contains. If the same list were constructed using a Dynamic Filter whose criteria were set to "Students in Grade 10," then the list would never have to be updated. As students moved out of Grade 10 (as reflected by the information in Constituent Manager) they would fall off the list, while new students who move into Grade 10 would be automatically added.

Need more help? Take a deeper dive in Creating Dynamic Filters With Profile Data and Creating Groups with Dynamic Filters for Parents Based on Their Children.

Add members with a datasheet upload

Use this datasheet template to fill out group data, then send it to Finalsite Support in a "Data Upload" ticket. We'll update your site's database to include this information. 

Alternatively, follow the instructions in Upload constituent data to Constituent Manager to import the completed datasheet yourself.

How to use this datasheet

The first column of the datasheet is the ImportID. This code can be any combination of letters and numbers, as long as it is unique to the constituent.

The blue ImportID columns refer to the Group ImportID the users will be added into. Users can be added to multiple groups within one datasheet.


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