Group visibility and setting Group permissions

This article will explain how to troubleshoot if you do not have permissions to view groups in Group Manager. 

To rectify this problem, another site admin with rights to view/edit those groups will have to grant you access.

To do this, that person must:

  1. Click on the top-level group name (what we call a “node”) on the left hand-side of Group Manager
  2. Click the “Rights” tab

  3. Click “Add Admin Groups” or "User Permissions," depending on whether you want to grant permissions to an entire group of users, or just a single person 

  4. Select the group(s) or user(s) you wish to add. If you are adding individual users, you'll have to select their Site Admin Group first, then choose a specific person.

  5. Check off each of the group permissions so that there’s a green check mark in each box in the row

  6. Click “Save Changes”

This process will have to be applied to each group in Group Manager that you want site admins to see/edit. 

You can also use the same procedure to revoke access rights to groups - in Step 5, click each green check mark to make it disappear, then re-save the settings.

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