Create groups with dynamic filters for parents based on their children

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Schools can create parent groups based on their children's grades or other groupings by using group dynamic filters, which pull members into groups based on certain qualities. These dynamic filter groups can be used for Messages lists or directory pages.

This article assumes parent relationships have been defined for students. Most of the time, this is done through the integration with a Student Information System. You can confirm this by going to Constituent Manager > select a student account > and scroll to the Relationships section in the Profile tab. If you don't see Relationships here, you may need to populate relationships through a datasheet (or contact Finalsite Support to assist you in reviewing your integration settings. 

Here's how to add dynamic filters so that you can have groups with the most accurate members, keeping them current as they are pulled dynamically according to the stated relationships with the students themselves.

Step 1: Confirm the Relationship in Constituent Manager

Before setting up a dynamic filter, Click Add a New Relationship in Constituent Manager for a particular constituent. This may have happened through an integration or will need to be set manually in the constituent profile. 

This will open the Relationship Properties window. Click Browse to connect a Related Person in case of a fellow parent or faculty member. Click the Relationship dropdown to select the relationship that you are trying to set (e.g. Parent, Father, Mother, Guardian, Step-Father, etc.) 

relationship properties.png

Step 2: Dynamically filter members into groups

Once the Relationship has been set, members can then be dynamically filtered into Parent groups. 

  • Navigate to Group Manager from the people icon in your left navigation. 
  • Click the green Add Group button or select the desired group.
  • Click on the Settings tab, and then select Add dynamic filters.

add dynamic filters.png

Select the first dropdown with "Grade" and change the option to "Children." In the second dropdown, select which group, grade, or year children are or are not in. For example, if you wanted to filter in a group of parents of Grade 6 students only, you would add a dynamic filter:  Children > in grade > 10. 

select children in the first dropdown.png

Filtering based on the Parent role includes anyone assigned the following Relationship Properties: 

  • parent
  • father
  • mother
  • guardian
  • step-father
  • step-mother
  • step-parent

Step 3: Add more than one dynamic filter to increase specificity

Add another dynamic filter to create a group that is even more specific.

Select if the members must fit:

  • all of the rules, or
  • any of the rules. 

This displays as AND and OR.

add more than one filter to increase specificity.png

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