Create Groups with Dynamic Filters for Parents Based on Their Children

Oftentimes, schools need to create parent groups based on their children's grades or groups.  This can be accomplished by using group dynamic filters, which pull members into groups based on certain qualities.

You can add dynamic filters to a group by going to Groups Manager, either adding a new group or selecting the desired group, going to the Settings tab, and then selecting Add dynamic filters.



Selecting Children in the first dynamic filter dropdown indicates that this filter is based on the characteristics of parents' children, so the Relationships must be set correctly in Constituent Manager.



Then you will select what group, grade, or year children are or are not in.  For example, if you wanted to filter in a group of parents of Grade 7 students only, you would add a dynamic filter:  Children > in grade > 7. 

You can add more than one dynamic filter at a time, and must select if the members must fit all of the rules, or any of the rules.  This displays as AND and OR.



Another common example is filtering in parents of students in certain groups, Children > in group> (select group name).  This requires that you scroll through a long list of groups to find the correct one.  

These dynamic filter groups can be used for Messages lists, directory pages, or as group spaces.  These filters add the parents only, not the students.  

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