Browser Compatibility

Finalsite websites should be compatible with the latest versions of the following major browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

These browsers are updated often, and incrementally. Our policy is to support the current version, as well as two previous releases. However, these browsers are also updated automatically, and it is recommended that the current version be used at all times.

Please note that all browsers interpret and display HTML and text formatting a little differently, so while your website content will display properly on these browsers, it will not necessarily display identically.  For example, the exact place that a line of text wraps around a picture, or the degree of indentation present in a bullet list, may vary from browser to browser.

Internet Explorer Support

As Finalsite strives to create innovative websites, both in design and coding practices, it has come time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on October 12, 2020. Finalsite will no longer build websites with consideration of Internet Explorer 11 compatibility.

This decision was made for a few reasons:

  1. Microsoft halted new development (outside of security patches) for the final version of Internet Explorer in 2015 and has moved development to their Edge browser.
  2. Modern web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge have continued to innovate and have come a long way in the technologies they support.  
  3. Continued support of IE11 by Finalsite would require major compromises to other new development methods along with substantial effort required to support a browser with an extremely small - and dwindling - user base.  

In fact, Microsoft encourages web developers to no longer test and develop for Internet Explorer and is dropping support for Internet Explorer 11  in two of their major web products (archive) - Teams (November 2020) and Office 365 (August 2021).  Microsoft views Internet Explorer as a compatibility solution for old web applications that require Internet Explorer and have not yet been updated to current web standards. 

How will this action affect you?

For existing websites, there should be no immediate change.  All sites delivered before mid-2020 were created and tested with Internet Explorer 11 in mind.  If changes to the site are requested, Internet Explorer compatibility will not be tested but the site should generally work in Internet Explorer.  

For sites delivered after October 12, 2020, Internet Explorer 11 will not be tested as part of the build process.   Sites will function at varying levels in Internet Explorer depending on design and coding requirements.

To ensure website users have the best experience, please encourage use of recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge to access and manage your Finalsite website.

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