Error Message: This Request has been flagged and blocked by our system.

If you receive an error message that contains the following message about a request being flagged or blocked, it is a part of a system in place to protect your website. When you click "Submit and Go back," it will report the issue and we will work to correct it. If you are concerned, please feel free to reach out to Support, but please include the error ID, identified by a red square in the image below. 

An image of this message is listed below.

The text of the error message reads: 

"This request has been flagged and blocked by our system. 

"If we've made a mistake, (sorry!) you can regain access by submitting the form below. Once you click 'SUBMIT & GO BACK' we will be notified and will work to resolve the mistake as quickly as possible. 

"For your reference, the error ID is XXXXXXXXXXXXX

"If you need any additional assistance, you may contact this websites' administrator. 

"Please try again later.

"Comment (optional):

"Submit and go back

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