Create constituents in Constituent Manager

Most constituent data is entered into the system via a data sheet upload or via an integration, however, there may be a time when a user needs to be manually entered. 

To do this, navigate to People > Constituent Manager. From there, select the +Add New Constituent button in the upper left hand corner. 

All you need to complete to create a profile is a name. Once the name has been entered, scroll to the bottom and click "Update Profile." This will add the individual to whatever role you had selected. If you need them to be a member of an additional role, after saving, navigate to the "Roles" tab to put them in the correct roles. 

From here, you can complete the rest of the profile fields which are needed for that individual. If certain fields that you expect are not appearing, it is possible that the individual is in the incorrect role. To change their role, navigate to the "Roles" tab at the top of the profile. From this screen you can select the roles that the individual is in. 


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