Calendar Manager permissions

As you are deciding who needs to help with the calendars on your platform, consider the different permission levels you can set. Global Level permissions apply to the entire module, then you can set Granular Level permissions on a smaller scale, such as by individual calendar.

Global Level Granular Level 
Global permission settings are controlled on the Admin Users screen and determine whether users can access Calendar Manager from the module menu.

admin users module.png

admin users group.png

There are two options related to Calendar Manager that can be granted to an admin user group:

  1. Calendar Manager - Allows users to access the Calendar Manager module, but they are restricted in what they can do there by their module-level permissions.
  2. Calendar Manager (Admin) - Allows users complete access to the Calendar Manager module, AND users are allowed to set module-level permissions for other users.

Finalsite's Three-Step Guide to Setting Permissions

For an overview on how permissions work within the Finalsite system, read, "The Finalsite Guide to Permissions" where you can find a List of Permission Guides for each area. 

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