Filter by Message status level

The Messages screen lists all of the emails that have been created and sent in the module.

filter by status dropdown.png

Use the Filter by Status dropdown to choose which Status you'd like to see, or choose All to see them all together in the list. Click Only next to a status to only see those messages.

The various status settings are:  

  • All: Messages appear by default with all viewing in the panel. 
  • Sent: Messages have all been sent to targeted users.
  • Scheduled: Messages have been saved and they have a send date set for some point in the future.
  • Sending: These messages have just reached their send date and are in the process of going out to all of the users on the targeted mailing list.
  • Sent: Messages have all been sent to targeted users.
  • Unscheduled: The message has been saved, but there’s no send date associated with it; these messages are essentially in Draft status.
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