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After a message has been sent, you can view the message report by clicking on View Report in the bottom-right corner of the Message Details screen, or clicking on the icon next to the message in the Messages list.

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Summary tab

The Summary tab in reporting shows statistics for the message that was sent and includes the following metrics: 

  • Deliverability: This displays the rate of the ability of a message to arrive successfully to the recipient. Messages are not delivered when they "bounce" or are rejected for various reasons. The Raw Log tab gives insight and a code to analyze why a message may have bounced, including Messages summary codes which are available on the Summary column.  
  • Engagement: This area measures the rate of engagement with a particular message that was delivered based on Unique Opens and Unopened messages. 
  • Conversions: The measure of conversions records the percentage of recipients who have completed a desired action. Examples are opening an email or filling out a form, which will increase the conversion rate of a particular message. 
  • Lost Contacts: It's also possible to measure the percentage of contacts that were previously engaged but, for one reason or another, are no longer receiving communication. 

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There is also a Click Performance table that breaks down each link in your message, how many people clicked on it, and how many total clicks were recorded. Click on the Unique Clicks number to see exactly which recipients clicked on the link.

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Click Measurement FAQs

Q: What are Unique Clicks?
A: Unique clicks count the number of unique or individual recipients who click on a link. This metric does not include multiple clicks from the same recipient. 

Q: Why might the Unique Clicks numbers next to the Conversions wheel be lower than unique clicks in the results beneath Click Performance? Shouldn't they be the same?
A: Though both are labeled "Unique Clicks" they are measuring different things.

  • Click performance will count unique clicks for each URL. The column "Unique Clicks" in the Click Performance section displays unique clicks for each URL. 
  • The Conversions wheel displays a count of unique clicks per user, meaning that a person may have clicked open one or multiple URLs. 

Activity tab

The Activity Report gives you a detailed report of how each user engaged with the message. Hovering over each activity event allows you to view the date and time the message was sent, delivered, opened, and/or clicked. Filter by recipient to view a specific person's status of this particular message, whether it was Sent, Delivered, Opened, or Clicked.

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Export from the Activity tab

Within the Activity tab, it's possible to Export your report findings to a .csv file for any channel (if you have Messages XR). Click the Export button next to the Filter Recipient area.   

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Once you click Export, a window will notify you that your export has started and which email address your file will be sent to. 

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Raw Log tab

The Raw Log is available for 90 days after your message is sent. It contains full records of Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Complained, Bounced and Dropped data. Details about some of the common codes you'll see are available in the article Messages summary code meanings. You can search for a particular email address to find out how the recipient engaged with this message, or you can filter the records by clicking on each status.

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You can filter this log based on the following recipient events: Bounced, Clicked, Complained, Delivered, Dropped, and Opened

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  • Bounced: A "Bounced" status means that your email cannot be delivered to the intended recipient because of some technical error, so the recipient's email server rejected the message and returned it to your Finalsite server.
  • Clicked: Something within the message was clicked into.
  • Complained: Complained means the recipient marked the message as spam or junk from their email client.
  • Delivered: The message was successfully delivered.
  • Dropped: Dropped messages cannot be delivered after repeated attempts over 24 hours. Dropped email addresses are not unsubscribed from mailing lists.
  • Opened: The message was not only delivered but also opened up. 

Important Notes

  • This log is only available for 90 days after a message is sent.
  • If a recipient is listed as bounced or dropped, the Summary column may offer some insight into what happened to the message. Details about some of the common codes you'll see are available in the Knowledge Base article Messages summary code meanings.
  • Additionally, a bounced and dropped subscriber's status will be changed from "Subscribed" to "Suppressed". Troubleshoot recipients who are not receiving communication in Messages in Contacts > Find Recipients.
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