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Can I recall a message?

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a Message once it has been sent. 

Why are newsletters getting cut off in Gmail?

This clipping occurs as a result of a character and file size limits (102kb) that Gmail places on all emails. We’ve released an updated parser that streamlines the code to allow for more content within the emails, but the message--HTML and all--still has to fit within Gmail’s standard limits.

Here are a few ideas that may help prevent or mitigate clipped messages.

  • Consider separate, subscribable emails for other topics.

  • Link other e-news topics to a landing page dedicated to the most recent news stories and upcoming events for that topic.

  • Provide less content, such as 3-5 summaries, with a link to view the rest of the content on the website.

Overall, the goal of any eblast should be to drive users to the website, so do that as often as you can!

For more information about Gmail clipping and tips on how to manage it, see:

Can I embed content into a message?

iFramed (embedded) content is not recommended to be sent via email, as most email clients will disable it upon receipt. Large security concerns are created, because iframes load content from another source and can easily be used to expose a computer or email server to attack. Given these security concerns, most email clients won't allow for iframed content and will automatically block or disable it. Because of the poor adoption of iframes among major email clients, we highly discourage their use.

Can I remove suppressions in bulk?

This is not recommended. Removing suppressions in bulk without knowing why emails have been suppressed in the first place can cause more harm than good.

Here are the reasons why:

  1. We’d like to keep our Email Sender Reputation Score high, to make sure that email providers (such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo etc) do not automatically mark mail from our email sending domain as spam. If they do, that mail will never reach inboxes. If we clear suppressions for an email address where the user has unsubscribed, but does not wish to re-subscribe, more than likely when they receive their next email, they will simply mark it as spam, thus driving down our reputation score. That’s why we prefer that clients check in with users before asking us to clear any suppressions.
  2. In relation to users who have suppressions due to globally unsubscribing or marking emails as spam; clearing that suppression without their consent breaches Can Spam Laws. This is because we would no longer be honoring a user’s opt out requests if we re-subscribe them without their knowledge/consent. Emails are quite often suppressed for very unique and individual reasons. For example, one user may simply have a full inbox. Another user may have set their consent preferences to ‘No Messages’. Another user may have actually reported the last email that was sent out as spam because they no longer wish to receive mail. That’s why it’s best that the client checks in with each user before requesting that we clear a suppression.
Can we change our no reply address?

All site mail is sent from the same address. This address exists only for the purposes of sending mail - it isn't a "real" email address where you could log in and see mail that it sent. By default, we set this to noreply@[keyword] [http://mailto:noreply@[keyword]] to try to make it clear that this is not a real inbox that cannot receive mail, in case someone ignores the reply-to address and tries to send mail there. We can customize both parts of this, however, please be aware that this affects all site mail (including, but not limited to, other Messages, form submission confirmation emails, and alerts).

  • noreply can be changed to whatever text you like, this is just a setting we control. 
  • [keyword] [http://[keyword]] can be changed to a different domain/subdomain; however, it has to be a domain that's not already set up for sending mail. (In other words, we would not be able to use [the domain their school addresses are using], as your individual email addresses already "live" there, but we could use a subdomain like messages.[] [http://messages.[]/], communications.[ [], etc.)

If you're interested in setting up a subdomain, please reach out to the Support team. You or someone on your IT team will need to set up 5 DNS records on this subdomain for us to be able to connect it with our sending configuration.

Messages Lists

These questions are about the Lists of recipients you can create in the Messages > Lists feature.

Is there a maximum number of recipients to be added to a list?

No, there is not a maximum number of recipients that can be added to a list. However, you may need to break up a particularly large list into multiple uploads. For best results, keep your upload file to fewer than 6,000 rows.

I updated a user's email, but the List still shows their old one. Updates are not showing up.

There are three actions that trigger a Messages list to update:

  • Sending a message to that list
  • Unsubscribing and resubscribing a user and/or group to the list
  • An overnight sync You may also find the linked Knowledge Base article helpful to learn more about using groups with Messages.
My mailing list won't upload

When troubleshooting mailing lists that won't upload, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Is the data sheet saved in the .txt format?
  • Are the header columns in the right order?
  • Are there any excess spaces before or after any of the header column titles?
  • Are there any special characters visible on the list?
  • Are there any empty cells that should be filled?
  • Are all emails listed in the 'Email' column showing in the correct email format - i.e.
Is it possible to add multiple email addresses for the same user to a Messages mailing list?

When our development team designed Messages functionality, they made only the primary email default to better improve message tracking accuracy. Messages statistics track open rates, click rates etc. For example, if you were to send a message to 50 users (each with 2 email addresses), you would be sending to 100 recipients. If your stats showed 50 unique opens or 50% of recipients, there is no real way to tell if that means 100% of parents opened the email in one of their accounts or 50% of parents opened in both accounts.This is a very simplified example, but tracking open rates accurately helps us improve inbound marketing and helps you monitor how many parents your messages are reaching. Another reason for changing this functionality has to do with regulation and best practice compliances that didn’t exist when eNotify was built. However, if you know of specific parents who prefer emails be sent to multiple email addresses, you can manually add these constituents to the list (for uploaded lists) or unsubscribe multiple email addresses associate with a constituent profile through the notification bell icon in the Find Recipient screen, as Messages will let you add two people with the exact same name, but different email addresses.

As you learn more about Messages, you may realize that your goals would be better met through Messages XR, which adds SMS, voice, and social media to your communication channels beyond what Messages offers. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started. 

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