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Messages XR is an add-on product to the Messages module. Contact your Client Success Manager or email to learn more about how to get started.

What happens if a constituent is signed up on more than one list? Will they get multiple messages?
They will be de-duplicated. Users will not be sent the same message in the same format twice. If all Messages XR features are enabled and utilized for a single communication, it is intended that a constituent would receive an email, an SMS text message, and a voice message.
What will users see when they receive one of our text or voice messages?
For SMS and voice, each school or district will receive its own dedicated toll-free number, which calls and texts will be "from." Clients are NOT able to select the number that their constituents see. For now, only US numbers are supported.
Can we create an archive of our voice and text messages on our Composer website?
There are no plans to have an XR archive at this time, but it will be considered as a future enhancement. 
Could we use our own URL shortener?
Schools should not use their own URL shorteners (especially free ones), as most are banned by U.S. carriers and may result in messages being blocked.
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