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Can I recall a message?

Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve a Message once it has been sent. 

Is there a maximum number of recipients to be added to a list?

No, there is not a maximum number of recipients that can be added to a list. However, you may need to break up a particularly large list into multiple uploads. For best results, keep your upload file to fewer than 6,000 rows.

Why are newsletters getting cut off in Gmail?

This clipping occurs as a result of a character and file size limits (102kb) that Gmail places on all emails. We’ve released an updated parser that streamlines the code to allow for more content within the emails, but the message--HTML and all--still has to fit within Gmail’s standard limits.

Here are a few ideas that may help prevent or mitigate clipped messages.

  • Consider separate, subscribable emails for other topics.

  • Link other e-news topics to a landing page dedicated to the most recent news stories and upcoming events for that topic.

  • Provide less content, such as 3-5 summaries, with a link to view the rest of the content on the website.

Overall, the goal of any eblast should be to drive users to the website, so do that as often as you can!

For more information about Gmail clipping and tips on how to manage it, see:

Can I embed content into a message?

iFramed (embedded) content is not recommended to be sent via email, as most email clients will disable it upon receipt. Large security concerns are created, because iframes load content from another source and can easily be used to expose a computer or email server to attack. Given these security concerns, most email clients won't allow for iframed content and will automatically block or disable it. Because of the poor adoption of iframes among major email clients, we highly discourage their use.

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