Use Locations to set domain permissions

For a districts or other organizations with multiple locations, it's common to have one or several admin groups that are specific to a particular school or location. In such cases, an easy way to manage permissions for those groups in Composer is by using the admin groups functionality within the Locations module.

In this article, we’ll describe the process for setting permissions in the Locations module.

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Set up admin groups

If you haven't already, start by setting up your admin groups for each school or location. If you have different admins at each school who need different levels of permissions, create separate admin groups for each. You may end up with admin groups for only one person! Make sure that the Composer checkbox is selected for each of these groups.

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Refer to Create admin user groups for specific instructions about how to create the groups.

Set up Locations

In addition to setting up admin groups, setting up your Locations is something you'll want to do early in this process. As well as assigning admin permissions, Locations is also useful for displaying a list of all locations or address and contact information for a particular location.

Assigning location to a domain

If your organization has different web addresses for each location, they will be set up as domains in your Composer Pages menu. In the Domain Settings for each domain, you can associate a location with that domain under General. Select a location from the dropdown menu next to Domain Location.

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More information about setting up locations and assigning them to domains is available in Getting started with Locations.

Connect admin groups with locations

If you didn't already as part of setting up Locations, you can now associate your school-specific admin groups with their corresponding location(s). When completed, these admin groups will only be able to view the domain(s) associated with their specific location.

Do you have district-wide admin groups that need access to all domains?

  • Rather than adding them to every location, NOT adding them to any location at all means they will see all domains in the Composer navigation list.
  • Any groups without assigned locations will see ALL domains.

Select the admin group(s) using the button next to Admin Groups on the location setup screen in Locations.

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Set global and page-level Composer permissions

Now that you've defined what domains will be visible to your school-specific admin groups, you can set the default permissions for pages within that domain. From this point, follow the instructions in Set Composer admin permissions to determine different levels of access to specific parts of their domain(s) as required.

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