Getting started with Finalsite Payments Powered by Bluesnap

Note: This article is meant for users who have enabled the Finalsite Payments module. This is not used for configuring Paypal, SagePay, or HPCI-based gateways like, Network Merchants, or DiamondMind.

Step 1: Set up your BlueSnap account

A representative from BlueSnap will work with you to set up your BlueSnap account. They will walk you through the process and help you take advantage of all the benefits BlueSnap has to offer. With their guidance, your account will be configured to work with payment forms and registrations on your Finalsite website.

For further information, you may also want to refer to the instructions from BlueSnap.

Step 2: Set up your payment gateway

Once your account is configured, you will have all the information available to you for setting up the payment gateway in Finalsite and you can easily integrate it with Forms Manager and Registration Manager.

Note: Previously, we had been setting the SkinID inside the Finalsite Payment screen. You are no longer required and should not complete that step. Please leave that field blank.

From your Composer modules menu, go to Site Administration > Modules & Settings > Site Administration > Site Modules > Payment. Click the “ADD NEW PAYMENT GATEWAY” link.

On the form that appears, fill out the following fields:

  • Gateway Name: The Gateway Name is how BlueSnap gateway will be referred to in internal reporting. You should give it a name that tells what the gateway is used for, such as “Annual Fund” or “School Store.”

  • Enable this payment gateway: Selecting this checkbox means that the gateway will be available for use in Forms Manager and Registration Manager.

  • IPN URL: This field is prepopulated with the URL you will need to copy and paste into the IPN notifications field in Bluesnap.
  • Merchant ID: Your Merchant ID is a six-digit number that can be found at the top of your BlueSnap dashboard, directly above the account balance. Paste it into the field without the number (#) sign.

  • API Username: To find your API Username, hover over the Settings icon in BlueSnap and select “API Settings.” The username appears in the “API Credentials” box.

  • API Password: If you do not remember your API password, contact BlueSnap Support to have it reset.

  • Accepted Currency: Use the checkboxes to select the currencies you would like to process from the available options.

Once you have completed the form, click the “SAVE SETTINGS” button. 

Step 3: Add payments to forms or registration events

Once your gateway is set up, using Finalsite Payments is as easy as clicking a button on a form (or registration).

In Forms Manager, the gateway will appear on the list of radio buttons on the Payments tab. To enable payments on a form, go to the Payments tab, check the "Process payments with this form" box, and select your BlueSnap gateway.

In Registration Manager, click the “Additional Settings” button on the event to access the Payment Settings. Select “Process payments for registrations to this event” next to “Enable Payment,” then choose your BlueSnap gateway from the dropdown list next to “Credit Gateways.”

In Forms (new), our BlueSnap integration is not complete yet.  In the meantime, please use Forms Manager for your BlueSnap payment form needs.  

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