Set up Forms payment types

Payment types are required to be able to collect payments on a form. This article explains how to set up both online and offline payments.


Online payment types

If you have an HPCI payment gateway, you can set up an “online” payment type to collect credit card payments in Forms. 

This payment type can be set up for you by our Support team. Simply fill out the form at under the selection 'Move an existing gateway(s) over to the new Forms module'. 

If you want to add instructions for this payment type after it has been set up, go to the Settings section of the Forms module, click on the payment type, and edit the “Instructions” field.


Offline payment types

Sometimes, you want people to be able to pay with something other than a credit card, such as a personal check or purchase order. These methods of payment are considered “offline” types. You can set these up without the assistance of Support.

Go to the “Settings” section of the Forms module and click on “+ Add Payment Type.” Select the “Offline” toggle. In the window that pops up, enter the internal name and the display name for the type. The internal name is what your records will show, while the display name is what users will see on the form. 

Finally, enter the instructions for how the user will remit payment if they select this type. These will appear below the payment type when the user chooses it in the form. 

To use the payment types to collect payments on a form, follow the instructions in Collect payments with a form.

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