Collect payments with a form

If your form requires some sort of payment to go with the submission, it’s easy to collect by adding a “Currency” field to the form, or setting pricing on a “Single Choice,” “Multiple Choice,” or “Dropdown Menu” field.

Note: Before you set payment on a form, it’s necessary to have at least one payment type in the Settings section of Forms. Learn how to create payment types in the article Set up Forms payment types

The different currency fields are designated in the field library with a credit card symbol. Add any of these fields to your form, depending on how you want users to select what to pay.

For the three choice fields, activate the “Set pricing” toggle in the field settings, which will cause a second column to appear in the choices section below. In this second column, enter the designated amount for each choice. 


For the currency field, you may set a minimum and maximum price range, if desired. Doing so will cause hint text to appear below the field indicating the requirements. If you want to change this message, you can override it by populating the “Hint text” field above.


When you add a payment field to your form, the Payment Information section will automatically be added to the end of the form. This will include the payment total and the payment options for the user. You can see the instructions for each payment type by clicking on the box. Edit the instructions for the payment type in the Forms module Settings.

Payments are collected on the same page as the form with only one submit button!



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