Set and automate workflow goals

With the addition of the Forms-Workflow Connector features, options for creating goals for your workflow are much more sophisticated. Different to the other features of the Forms-Workflow Connector, these goal options are available in Contact workflows as well as Form workflows.

Group Membership

One option is the Group Membership workflow goal, which works the same in Contact and Form workflows. The workflow goal is completed when the workflow detects that the constituent is a member of the selected group.

Group Membership Goal options menu in Form or Contact workflow

Because a Form workflow may have multiple constituents going through it, however, you have the option to complete the goal when “Any” or “All” of the chosen constituents are added to the selected group. Choose the first constituent from the dropdown, then click “Add” to select another contact. (If you don’t see the “Add” link or you don’t see the constituent on the dropdown list, make sure you have saved the form.)

As described above, you may want to use the Update Group Membership step as part of your workflow to automate the process of a constituent completing this goal. Otherwise, you can manually add the constituent to the applicable group to trigger the goal completion.

Form Submission

It is also possible to complete a workflow goal in a Contact or Form workflow by submitting a new form. 

As with the Group Membership goal, you have the option in a Form workflow to complete the goal when “Any” or “All” of the chosen constituents submit the form. Keep in mind that the original form submission is the subscriber to the workflow, not the constituent(s), and the goal will only be completed once. 

Form Submission goal options menu in Form or Contact workflow

After selecting the constituent(s), if applicable, choose the form from the dropdown list. This form must also be enabled for workflows, as described above, and it must contain an email field. 

Workflows determines whether the submitter of the form is the same as the constituent in the workflow by matching the email address in the form. Choose the applicable Email Address field from the dropdown to complete the goal. 

Best practice: When creating the form that you will use to complete this workflow goal, keep in mind that you may have multiple constituents but only one email field. Make sure to design your form so that each of your constituents will use the same Email Address field to complete the form. 

If you have multiple constituents in a workflow, they will all be removed from the workflow at the same time when the workflow goal is completed. If you have selected the “All” option, this means that the first person to complete the form submission will still receive workflow messages until the last person has submitted the form and the goal is completed.

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