Set up a workflow form

Creating a form-based workflow with the Forms-Workflow Connector starts by enabling the form in the Forms module, then selecting that form in a Form-type workflow in the Workflows module.

Enable a form for Workflows

Any form created in the Forms module can be used to power a workflow; however, that form must first be enabled for use in the Workflows module. To make use of the Forms-Workflow Connector features, the form should have at least one Name field and one Email Address field from which to create a contact.

On the Settings tab of the form you wish to use, click the “Enable for Workflows” toggle to make it available for a workflow. It is not necessary for the form to be Active to be used in a workflow. However, you should finalize the form before you begin creating the workflow, because changing form fields later will cause any workflow steps attached to those fields to break.

Enable for Workflows toggle in Form Settings

Create a Form workflow type

With the Forms-Workflow Connector, you have two different workflow types to choose from: Contact and Form. Most of the features described in this article, with the exception of form submission goals, are available only in the Form workflow type. Click Create Workflow, then Form, to begin a new Form workflow. 

Form button highlighted on Workflow Type popup

Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to convert a Contact workflow to a Form workflow, or vice-versa.

Subscribe a form submission to a workflow

In a Form workflow, the Entry Trigger for the workflow is a form submission. Click on the Entry Trigger box, then select a form from the dropdown list of all available Workflows-enabled forms. You can now use fields from this form to configure the workflow steps that follow.

Entry trigger options popup on Form workflow

Next, you will create constituents from the form submission to be used in the workflow.

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